LDB Customer Development

Dialog and direct marketing that open doors

Driving forward new business, conquering markets and reinvigorating existing business: sometimes it all gets pushed to one side in the pressure of day-to-day business, doesn't it? And maybe you don't have the time and resources for it anyway?
Think again. With carefully targeted dialog and direct marketing, you can get more out of what you already have. Creative new customer acquisition puts more names on your list of clients. Campaigns can be initiated to win back lost customers and reactivate sleeping ones.
Sound data and target group and market analyses point the way to the right customer at the right time. Whether you need direct advertising, sales promotion or e-mail campaigns, and whether multi-channel or cross-channel marketing: our Customer Development business field will leave a positive trail in your business results.
But see for yourself: the benefits are as close as your balance sheet.

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Accelerate both new and existing business


Getting to the top of the market