LDB Market Research – LDB Mica Research GmbH's portfolio

Move markets with knowledge

To win the future, you have to create clarity. You need to recognize obstacles, weigh up opportunities and risks, and analyze needs and potential. It takes more than gazing into a crystal ball, reading tea leaves or making decisions based on your gut feeling. When you want to know now what might happen in the future, you need professional market research.
That's the job of LDB Mica Research GmbH, which operates as an independent unit within the LDB Gruppe. LDB Mica Research focuses on:

  • Identifying trends and analyzing the prospects of new products and services
  • Getting to the bottom of opinions and using representative results to draw conclusions for strategic and operational decisions
  • Examining customer satisfaction and the quality of products and services  
  • Producing after-sales and after-market studies and highlighting current market developments in industry reports

If you're looking for clarity, you'll find it at LDB Mica Research – with results that are much more reliable than the crystal ball. Find out for yourself on the LDB Mica Research website.