Congratulations to 26 Award-winning Customers


A recent award for their extraordinary performances in the preceding year was a reason to be glad for 50 contractual partners of Volkswagen AG. They achieved this honour not only by their very good sales figures for new cars, but also by their peak values in customer satisfaction with sales and services as a key element.
Joy about this distinction concerning customer satisfaction comes from LDB Gruppe headquartered in Berlin as well. Already 26 out of those 50 excellent enterprises trust in LDB solutions such as TelefonReport respectively IKB, which stands for integrated customer retention. According to LDB managing director Karsten Noss this result shows “the right instruments and systems can spur on customer satisfaction and maintain it on a high level”.  Nevertheless, he stated, the distinction was created by the performance of the enterprise and its employees on site. “Our systems can only be fully effective, if specialized staff makes use of it intensively throughout their work. This has been the case in all these award-winning companies.”

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