Congratulations to the service providers of the trade and retail organization of Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany


Recently Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany has awarded the service providers of its trade and retail organization in a total of ten categories. Three times companies came to first place which work with different solutions of the LDB Gruppe. At this point we would like to congratulate these companies.

First place in the category Mercedes-Benz Pkw Vertreter (car sales) took the Oppel GmbH from Ansbach which is supervised at the LDB Gruppe by Joannis Kazepidis. Apart from the loyalty and complaint management system called ServiceFollowUp the Oppel GmbH also uses with LDB Winner a product for the implementation of marketing campaigns.
Two first places were awarded to the Herbert Köpper GmbH from Dorsten. The company mounted the top step of the podium in the categories Junge Sterne (used car sales) and Service Pkw (automobile services). Supervised by Peter Linn the company uses the Client loyalty and complaint management system called ServiceFollowUp.
The whole Team of the LDB Gruppe congratulates both companies with all its employees for this valuable award.

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