API and LDB GRUPPE cooperate with information networking


Use check-in effectively to enhance customer loyalty
With its comprehensive solutions for computerized check-in services, API Automotive Process Institute GmbH gives car dealerships the ability to collect extensive information on the status of their vehicles. Thanks to the cooperation with the LDB Gruppe, the results of these technical inspections can now be automatically correlated and linked with existing customer data and then implemented in campaigns aimed at improving customer loyalty.
This collaboration between API and LDB Gruppe helps establish an effective pooling of information on customer and vehicle data for car dealerships. Based on this information, LDB Gruppe can design customized offerings for addressing consumers; these offerings are geared toward the key issues identified as part of the check-in and the implementation of a systematic customer lifecycle management. In doing so, LDB's activities aimed at new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, revenue optimization and further education tie in seamlessly with digital vehicle analyses provided by API.
The resulting number of possible activities is extensive. For instance, if – during the check-in phase – the prognostic data indicates tire wear or open repair work, specialists at LDB Gruppe can develop targeted activities which can be used to directly address the relevant customer group. In addition to the development of interfaces between the systems, an essential element of the cooperation is the close collaboration in sales and product development. The cooperation also aims to bundle the various offerings of the two companies in order to generate additional solutions.
The cooperation is thereby breaking new ground in its effort to establish practical solutions along the car dealership's entire value chain. They range from the acquisition of technical data during check-in procedures to the comprehensible linking of all available information through to implementation in individual direct marketing campaigns.
According to unanimous statements by Karsten Noss, CEO of LDB Gruppe, and CEO of API Christian Polzer, the cooperation is pursuing the goal of providing its mutual customers a noticeable added value through the meaningful linking of different systems.

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