LDB Like’n’Tell uses social media platforms


Making positive customer feedback visible online
Internet users spend every fifth minute online on social media websites. So media such as these are a natural choice as platforms for positive customer references. With the new Like’n’Tell solution from LDB, you can publish positive feedback directly on up to five social media platforms relevant to automobile dealerships and workshops.

The best advertising for any company is the customer's enthusiasm, expressed in a public forum, because the most convincing recommendations come from people who've had positive experiences themselves.  This is true for automobile dealerships and workshops just like any other business. Whether the platform is Facebook, klickTel, Werkstattcheck or drivelog, with Like’n’Tell, on these online portals your customers become genuine fans. "It's a fast, simple way to strengthen the image of a dealership or workshop," says LDB Managing Director Karsten Noss. "Marketing via social media is an important form of business advertising." However, many operators of car dealerships and workshops don't have the time to use this new communication medium intensively. So LDB developed LDB Like’n’Tell to make the process easy.

In addition, the need to use marketing budgets as efficiently as possible means that those media are gaining in importance that enable messages and content to be recycled as much as possible, and LDB Like’n’Tell can do that too.

Identifying satisfied customers by telephone
LDB Like’n’Tell works like this: after customers have had a service appointment in the workshop, they are contacted by telephone on the workshop's behalf by a qualified LDB employee, who conducts a satisfaction survey.

If the conversation reveals that the customer was completely satisfied and he or she also uses social media, the LDB employee asks whether the customer would be willing to make a public statement to that effect – for example, via Facebook. If so, the LDB Gruppe sends the customer an invitation via e-mail to the workshop's Facebook page. There the customer can write about his or her satisfaction with the workshop's service and share it with the entire Facebook community.

New "likes" – which are valuable customer recommendations – and positive customer feedback are the result when you use this professional online marketing tool. "With this solution, we've created a fast, simple way to enable our customers to optimize their customer relationships and marketing activities," explains Noss. The success of the solution became clear as early as the test phase, in which five workshops implemented the solution for several weeks as pilot customers. Within seven weeks, one of the pilot customers alone received 61 new Facebook "likes" and five clearly assignable posts.

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