LDB Service2Sales | Generate sales from your service events


Acquiring new customers is expensive (five to ten times the cost of retaining an existing one), and the average spend of a repeat customer is a whopping 67 percent more than a new one.  So, sure, put some energy into new business development, but make sure your salespeople know that coming u ... more...

LDB LoyaltyCheck – Your new tool for customer loyalty


The more a company knows about its customers, the better and stronger is the relationship with its customers. Many companies reward the wrong and disloyal customers with prizes and gifts and they do not recognize their real fans. The identification of the current and future customer wishes and th ... more...

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten


Jedes Land hat seine Besonderheiten, seine eigenen Traditionen und Feiertage. Ein Fest prägt jedoch in ganz Europa den Kalender am Jahresende: Weihnachten. Und deshalb wünscht Ihnen das gesamte Team der LDB Gruppe über Ländergrenzen hinweg schöne und erholsame Feiertage.

Wir bedanken un ... more...

Personnel enhancement: Heiko Gosewisch – Software expert for optimal manufacturer integration


Heiko Gosewisch is joining the Berlin-based LDB Gruppe to strengthen its team in the area of software connections to manufacturer systems. Gosewisch, who is 47 and comes from Bremerhaven, most recently spent ten years managing projects for a software manufacturer, where he was responsible for the ... more...

Josep Caruso extends LDB Know-how


For more than 40 years LDB Gruppe has provided their customers with comprehensive services from market research to development of advanced customer retention systems to individual direct marketing actions with process-oriented systems and solutions. This is mainly based on the extensive know-how ... more...

Congratulations to 26 Award-winning Customers


A recent award for their extraordinary performances in the preceding year was a reason to be glad for 50 contractual partners of Volkswagen AG. They achieved this honour not only by their very good sales figures for new cars, but also by their peak values in customer satisfaction with sales and s ... more...

API and LDB GRUPPE cooperate with information networking


Use check-in effectively to enhance customer loyalty
With its comprehensive solutions for computerized check-in services, API Automotive Process Institute GmbH gives car dealerships the ability to collect extensive information on the status of their vehicles. Thanks to the ... more...

Congratulations to the service providers of the trade and retail organization of Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany


Recently Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany has awarded the service providers of its trade and retail organization in a total of ten categories. Three times companies came to first place which work with different solutions of the LDB Gruppe. At this point we would like to congratulate these companies. more...

LDB Like’n’Tell uses social media platforms


Making positive customer feedback visible online
Internet users spend every fifth minute online on social media websites. So media such as these are a natural choice as platforms for positive customer references. With the new Like’n’Tell solution from LDB, you can publish positive feedback ... more...

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